• Improved Facility to Confirm to ISO 22000 and World Class Standard
  • Increase Products Line to Meet the Needs of Existing and Future Market
  • Enhance Corporate Value and Corporate Culture of “Quality and Customer Satisfaction” by Improving and
  • Developing Human resources Professionals and World Class Standard
  • Apply the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG)
  • Maintain and Care for the Environment interests

Years in Business
Producing Daily

Company Profile

Our company, PT. Maya Food Industries located in “City of Batik” Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia is one of the leading seafood processors in Indonesia with more than 25 years of experience.

We are licensed by Mitsui Co. Ltd, Japan to pack Botan brand of canned mackerel, sardine and tuna in tomato, chili sauce or brine for local sale. Botan brand is the leading brand for Mackerel and Sardine in tomato sauce in Indonesia. In addition, we also pack our own brands Ranesa and Sesibon for similar products for local and export sales. Read More…

Maya Food Products

Today MAYA FOOD INDUSTRIES have come across almost 4 Variants of canned mackerel, sardine and tuna.

Our market are founded on strong and long term relationships with leading buyers, wholesalers in the overseas markets. We have established excellent reputation with our fish suppliers both locally and overseas and should be in the position to meet most of our commitments at all times.